How will NFL officiating be changed after it overshadowed Championship Sunday?

Danny Kanell and Casey Keirnan break down the most controversial calls from Sunday’s games

It’s no secret that controversial officiating played a big role on Championship Sunday around the NFL.

Could the Kansas City Chiefs have simply stopped the New England Patriots from a 13-play touchdown drive in overtime — or kept Dee Ford from lining up in the neutral zone? Sure. Could the New Orleans Saints have simply scored their own points with ample opportunities late in their NFC clash with the Los Angeles Rams? Sure.

But refereeing was still perhaps the most discussed issue of Sunday’s conference title spread, and deservedly so, according to Danny Kanell and Casey Keirnan, Monday’s guest host on the “Off The Bench” podcast.

Not only do Kanell and Keirnan run through all of the controversial calls from the AFC and NFC championships on this week’s first episode, but they discuss how officiating overshadowed the run-up to Super Bowl LIII. Then, with their sights set on the future, they break down how the Saints will be affected by their particularly influential — and debatable — penalties and no-calls moving forward, as well as how the NFL might consider tweaking officiating after this latest round of blunders.

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